What you can buy in Vietnam?

This time it’s not even about China’s but sourcing products in Vietnam ok so let’s get to it now the main question we get from companies that are currently manufactured product in China but they’re looking into manufacturing in in Vietnam is that is of course?

What kind of products can you find in Vietnam?

Now you have I think roughly 90 million people living in Vietnam. Compared to what is it now 1.4 billion in mainland China, so you don’t have China’s industry is much bigger say the least but Vietnam is still a big country they still have a very big and rapidly growing manufacturing base. And then keep in mind that Guangdong Province in the south of China is in terms of population roughly the same in terms of population as Vietnam. Guangdong is still the number one exporter even with price going down Guangdong is still is still number one. Vietnam being still a big country but compared to mainland China slightly smaller country, but it still has a lot of industries and what makes Vietnam really interesting especially today. In 2018 is that it’s growing so fast but ok I just wanted to explain that dynamic but let’s get to it now. If you are in textiles in furniture and home handicrafts, electronics, jewelry Schiller’s products, construction materials and last but not least packaging and print products then Vietnam might be a good Manufacturing option for you. Now can you find the same products as in China and I kind of just explained that Vietnam definitely kicks above its weight but it’s not as big as China. If you are in one of these industries then then yes you should definitely consider to look into suppliers in Vietnam. However keep in mind that many Vietnamese factories they use components coming from China recently. I had spoken to a client based in Ho Chi Minh City and he lives in Vietnam and developing various textile products pillows. Currently he’s actually waiting for Velcro and other parts to arrive to Vietnam from suppliers in China. Because they couldn’t source those components in Vietnam. So even though you can get pretty much any product made in Vietnam these days as long as you stay within these categories you will still need it. It’s very likely that your product will at least partly be use made with Chinese components and materials

How can you find suppliers?

We have four different options first we have Alibaba which is actually the biggest source not only for Chinese suppliers was also Vietnamese suppliers. So that’s the first one to check out and they do provide verified company information also for Vietnamese supplies. The same thing goes for global sources calm okay and then we have the trade shows there’s a lot of trade shows in Vietnam. The best way to actually identify qualified supplies in Vietnam is to just fly down to Saigon or/ Ho Chi Minh city. They renamed that for what reasons that we don’t have to discuss now, but there are trade shows and everything from from furniture to textiles electronics and more on a yearly basis so it will be a lot easier if you defined Vietnamese manufacturers at the trade shows in Vietnam.

How to dealing with Vietnamese supplier

I’ve been speaking to customers dealing with Vietnamese supplier. Apparently according to them Vietnamese supplies are way more cautious they’re not as aggressive and jumping on every opportunity as the Chinese are. So what I’ve been hearing is that Vietnamese suppliers, they want to get to know you they may not even accept an order. Even if they need money and I really do need a capital much more so than many supplies in China. They are still way more cautious than Chinese suppliers and it kind of expected buyers to sell themselves to them and I think that’s bad. I think that’s a weakness, so I hope that would change because China is still there and India is still there and a lot of lot of options now for manufacturing. I don’t think Vietnam would enjoy the advantage for a stone with China has. They better get open-minded fast.