Vietnam terrazzo pots planter is a range of planter which manufacture from Vietnam, you can see a lot of poly terrazzo pots in Korea, Australia market, who like the dot on surface of the planter. Customer like poly terrazzo pots because it’s easy to use, cheap prices and fast to produce.

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What is Vietnam terrazzo pots?

Let begin by talking a look at the technical aspects. Terrazzo pot is make the same way with concrete garden pot. They mix cement, rock, sand, make the shape on the mold before waiting them dry in 12 – 24 hours. After takes out the mold, workers will grin the surface until you can see the dot of rock on the surface of the pot. To finished, they cover terrazzo pots by black or brown color, water proof and it will be ready for shipping.

Design of poly terrazzo pots: factory design or customer design?

Customer come to us usually asking this question. Some of them fear for pot design, if factory can send them enough item for them to sell. We will answer this question: we can make both for customer.

We provide a lot of shape, dimension to help customer have variety choice for their business. Cement pot can make on round shape, square shape,bowl pot we have more than 100 designs of cement pot

Customer can follow factory design to make the process faster, we work with terrazzo garden pots in 10 years, we think we have enough design for customer import for their market. Some old customer, they want to make unique design, we hand over also. Just send us the drawing design, after confirmed the bill we will go ahead for a sample, ready for an order.

MOQ requirement for a terrazzo pot order:

As a terrazzo pot supplier, we set a MOQ at 20 feet container around 4-6 designs. If there is the first order, we can set a lower MOQ but you know, we must to increase the prices to optimizing profit.

If you need more information for MOQ require, set up a different term, just contact us.

Payment and delivery:

Payment term: when you work with us in terrazzo planter pots we do accept following payment methods unless being discussed and agreed between both sides in advance:

– Letter of Credit (L/C) at sight: L/C opening charge will be at applicant side (Buyer).

– Telex Transfer (T/T): 30% advance deposit and the remaining upon receiving copy of shipping documents by email or fax. Bank transfer charge will be at sender side (Buyer).

Delivery:  usually within 55 – 70 days upon receipt of 30% deposit or L/C information from our bank, please inform us your order or delivery plan as early as possible for more accurate shipping window. In some case, customer can receive products earlier if our factory in low season. That why you can send us the long-term purchase plan, we can have a good schedule to send the products as soon as possible.

How we packed terrazzo planter: we will packing pot on wooden pallet, The wooden pallets will be clean and fumigated to make sure all is correctly upon arrival at destination. The packing of the products will be done according to the required packing need and to optimize the loading.

What is the process: Checking terrazzo pots before Packing > Pots nested in sets. Corrugated card board /polyfoam used between pots to provide its own protective covering/cushioning > Terrazzo pot nested in sets and kept stationary outside with card boards then strings.> Pots nested and loaded on pallets carefully.> Pots loaded on pallets, covered by plastic film and fastered again by strings. Shipping marks applied and ready for being loaded into container> Pallets hauled and load into container by folklift > Pallets fastened again after fully loaded container by string to prevent falling upon door open. Ready to go!

Why you don’t try to buy from export company poly terrazzo pots like us?

If you ready to process an order, please select the shapes, color, quantity form our product list and send us by email or contact form.

When we receive you quotation, we will reply with proforma invoice with picture, product description, total bill

After receive deposit payment from customer we will confirmation by email

We produce, ship the container and then send a commercial invoice to request for the balance of the order. Usually 60-75 days for production.

Customer make the payment to us, then we send full shipping document (bill of lading, Invoice, packing List, certificate of Origin, Certificate of Fumigation) to your office, we can make Telex release to your shipping agent, let you get the container without document. Usually it takes 21-30 days shipment from Vietnam to US, 30-35 days to Europe country.

It can be hard to go from a design drawing to finished product. To help you manage the entire process – from creating a specification, to sampling and quality control we will there to help you. Pls don’t hesitate to contact us on (084) 938 415 815 or contact form. Click here to view full our list.