Hietagarden is a Vietnamese terrazzo pot factory based in Bien Hoa city since 2012. Our many styles and finishes have evolved over the years and our collection of handmade pots has been designed to compliment both modern and classic architecture. While our terrazzo range has grown to include both exterior and interior pots. Using ethically sourced materials and practices, we’re proud to bring you our constantly evolving collection of pots and planters. Collaborating with our customers, our collection has been designed to suit their specific needs and requirements.

Terrazzo material that provides unrivaled performance and durability in all weather conditions. The superior strength-to-weight ratio of terrazzo enables our craftsmen to hand craft innovative designs of all shapes and sizes that can be installed, lifted and carried with ease. Resistant to UV, frost and a range of other weather conditions, terrazzo is ideal for use outdoors in any climate. We provide a lot of shape, dimension to help customer have variety choice for their business. Cement pot can make on round shape, square shape,bowl pot we have more than 100 designs of cement pot

terrazzo retangular


round terrazzo




black with white stone
green terrazzo
white with black stone
white with white stone


Terrazzo has been around for a very long time, and keeps making comebacks in trend board cycles. Rightfully so: this versatile cement based material is used for a variety of applications. At Hieta Garden Factory, we bring our skills to the pots

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New Arrivals

Our beautifully handcrafted terrazzo collections are stunning in appearance and defined by quality. When size does matter, these open planters are available in an abundance of shapes and sizes, and display simplicity, style and elegance in any modern day surrounding

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We have the main factory is 5000 square metres large, which is located in Bien Hoa province. The 2000 square meters ware house is 2 km far from the factory. More than 100 companies has been our clients. So, we know first hand what a great feeling it is when our quality Vietnamese plant pot starts delivering business growth.

As with every professional services firm,choosing an planter exporter to help you on your journey requires a disciplined approach. Hieta garden want customer always happy with things they have received from us.

factory 4
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For more that 10 years, Hieta garden has been one of Vietnam garden pot supplier, providing custom outdoor planter to indoor planter to clients around the world, from Enterprise Corporations through to Small business.



We want to send factory prices directly to our customer. Help our customer can save between 50%-60% off market wholesale prices.


customized service

If you want to make unique design, we hand over also. Any shape, any color, any finising is customized acceptable

10% AMOUNT Guaranty

You only pay the rest 10% amount until receiving and satisfied about the product. Detailed real photos for you to inspect quality. Direct check or 3rd is acceptable

How to order?

Build your collection

Choose from existing designs from our collection

Choose your colors

Choose from any of our finish colors

Labeling & Hangtags

Black and white custom-branded labeling and hangtags are available at no additional charge


Custom Packaging

Choose from our available packaging options


Our mission is building a strong connection between factory and importer. Therefore we are always trying our best to set up diverse distributing channels for Vietnam plant pot, which can create a stable product source and ensure product’s quality.

Finally, the important thing is improving the reputation of pot made in Vietnam

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