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Lightweight concrete pot is a common material for contemporary pot due to its strength and durability. They are permeable to water, allowing water to pass through the pot, which aids evaporation from the soil, decreasing the chance of root rot. Depending on the composition lightweight concrete pots can be relatively lightweight and therefore easier to move around. Choose Lightweight concrete pot with a weathered patina that will bring a new look to the garden each year, or choose modern, angular silhouettes. One other thing to keep in mind for large outdoor pots: make sure they’re designed with drainage holes so your plants have adequate drainage no matter the weather.


Lightweight concrete pot is the mixed of fiberglass, cement. They make a strong pot, waterproof and durable. Constructed from a lightweight cement the range features earthy textures and tones in styles we’re certain will complement all living spaces. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use the range are drain hole free ensuring no messy water spills on your treasured furniture and floors. We’re sure this range will be a favourite! Lightweight Concrete Pots a completely new direction and innovation of our company. It is made of common materials like: cement, fiber, small stones. The mixing of these materials creates pots with many designs and durability for long time. Due to these materials like that, our products are hard to be impacted by external factors to the quality of products, so you can have peace of mind that you can apply them for any spaces you want, from outdoor spaces like garden, balcony, lobby… to indoor spaces such as living room, bedroom, dining room… because these pots have good resistance to natural factors (too cold or hot weather…); thus, users can feel secure about their quality. Lightweight Concrete planter, in addition to carrying a guaranteed durability and a top quality, they are more stylish, beautiful and elegant with luxurious and attractive appearances, which any products on the market are hard to compete with. With these outstanding features, it is easy to explain why the Lightweight Concrete planter are very popular in European market like that. These pots can be shipped for a long distance without worrying about the quality risks such as broken or cracked… thanks to its high durability. The Lightweight Concrete planter with diverse designs can be used not only to grow the plants that you love, but also to apply to display all kinds of pot with favorable styles you want in your home. They will flatter the beauty of spaces where they present as well as create an impressive point for them. And one important thing that you must note when wanting to own a product of Lightweight Concrete planter is that although you feel that they are too heavy to decorate in your house, we always have the ways to help you overcome this concern and quality of products are the same as normal products: if you want to have a lighter product, we will increase the number of cement rather than using small stones. Fibers will enhance the durability of products.