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Fiberglass pots planters are long-lasting planters made from a durable, lightweight material that can be made to look like wood, stone, and other materials. Fiberglass/fibreglass is a composite material made from resin/plastic re-inforced with fine fibers of glass. This type of material is very strong and durable with the bonus advantage of being very lightweight. Fiberglass pots is also non-porous and retains moisture so that it can withstand the heat better than other materials. In addition, due to the absence of stone powder, the surfaces of these planters are very glossy and smooth with the bright painted colors that are also very beautiful and durable, can withstand harsh conditions (rain, UV rays …) so these planters can be used for many years.
Currently, compared to the ceramic pots, fiberglass planters are perfect choices for modern spaces with many outstanding advantages: durability, lightweight and stylishness.