Hieta garden is a Vietnam pottery manufacturer,who produce and export premium quality Vietnamese pot and planter. Our products are fiber cement pots, fibetstone pots, planters, jars, vases, urns. We make many different sizes of garden planter pots including very large and minisize for table. We offer a variety of amazing colors for outdoor garden world with weather resistance.

We want to send factory prices directly to our customer. Help our customer can save between 50%-60% off market wholesale prices. We offer a refreshingly transparent and strategic approach to your business success through our factory’s pot. For more that 10 years, Hieta garden has been one of Vietnam garden pot supplier, providing custom outdoor planter to indoor planter to clients around the world, from Enterprise Corporations through to Small business.

Outdoor Pots

View full Hieta garden outdoor Vietnam pottery planter for your business. We provide a high quality products, makes them the perfect addition to contemporary designs.

Terrazzo pot

If your project requires terrazzo pot. We carry a wide range of products to help you on the growth business

Concrete pot

Need to create a little raw in your business? We can help ya’ll with that. Click for prices or contact by email to our website

Lightweight pot

View these beauties in our website. The pots are lightweight so great for use on balconies, they’re also extremely tough and weather resistant

Custom pot

If you are responsible for any pot ideas, we are here to help you complete successful installations for your business.

Atlantis pot

Offering endless imagination and create the classical atmosphere of the garden. View more product here!

Table pot

Designed to add value to every table and indoor spaces. We are a one-top sourcing for all pots and planters partner based in Bien Hoa Dong Nai

Washed pot

Hieta garden washed pots are handcrafted to bring a new vitality to landscaping and decoration projects.

Indoor pot

Our indoor pots and planters are adored for their various design finish. Every pot is molded from a highly finished

Large pot

Hieta garden large plant pots and planters are weather resistant, therefore not affected by rain, humidity or scorching sun

Mini pot

Our mini pots are simple designs with stunning shapes that add elegance to indoor decoration

Fiberglass pot

Our fiber glass range will bring another dimension to your planting possibilities. Available in a variety of styles and colours

As a planter and pots supplier in Vietnam, Hietagarden has a wide range of random variations of Vietnam pottery with antique charm and mystery. Concrete garden pot ad a classical mystique to indoor and outdoor spaces, making them a focal point of any landscaping or decorating project. Fiberstone pots are interesting because the weight of them, very easy to put up and delivery and more…Our beautiful collection of handcrafted pots will perfectly compliment the architecture and design of any home.  Using ethically sourced materials and practices, we’re proud to bring you our constantly evolving collection of pots and planters.  Our pots are hand picked from around the globe and suitable for interiors and outdoors.

As a pottery pots manufacturer, we are focused on helping companies like yours find the best planter source to suit your particular needs from concrete planter to lightweight pot and more, below we share with you our insights and insider knowledge as to what you need to know, what to look for and how you should assess pot quality.

Discover our leading edge Vietnam pottery manufacturer company

Here at Hieta garden, we provide various things we have in the factory for customer with the very cheap prices, that you can find in Vietnam.

We have the main factory is 2000 square metres large, which is located in Bien Hoa province. The 1400 – square – meters ware house is 2 km far from the factory. More than 30 companies has been our customer. So, we know first hand what a great feeling it is when our quality Vietnamese plant pot starts delivering business growth.

Why wholesale Vietnam pottery should buy from us?

Personal networks are very important in Vietnam. If you want to initiate a relationship, it is best to have a local partner to help you. As a trusted planter pot manufacturer in Vietnam, Hietagarden are committed on producing frost-proof and resistant to fluctuating temperature. The huge ranges of styles are suitable for any outdoor setting. They are high fired for durability and longevity.

Our customer is gardener, designer, landscaper, pool company, hotel, retailer…around the world. With nearly 10 years in this business, we believe that we can help all our customer can receive best quality garden pots from Vietnam.

Our mission is building a strong connection between factory and importer. Therefore we are always trying our best to set up diverse distributing channels for Vietnam plant pot, which can create a stable product source and ensure product’s quality.

We want to be the best planter supplier in Vietnam

As with every professional services firm,choosing an planter exporter to help you on your journey requires a disciplined approach. Hieta garden want customer always happy with things they have received from us.

  • We guarantee we send excatly what you order. Our people take years of training and practice to reach the level of consistency that we know you expect
  • When our pots go out the door, we’ve made sure that all the pots are checked, and there are no lumps, bumps, or crack lines.
  • We want to make sure that it reaches your warehouse in the same condition as when it left our warehouse.

Rest assured that your business is safe in our hands.

Most of the people you’ll meet in Hietagarden have years, even decades, of design and installation experience with business just like yours

Our reputation rests equally on our experience, as well as our technical expertise and attention to detail.

We turn your vision into reality, with you build strong business

Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients that lead not only to a order’s successful completion, but to a beginning of new possibilities.

When you have planning questions about material, size, shape pot, finished surface, call us at (084) 938 415 814. or contact us online.