Packing process

  1. Checking pots before Packing
  2. Pots nested in sets. Corrugated card board /polyfoam used between pots to provide its own protective covering/cushioning.
  3. Pots nested in sets and kept stationary outside with card boards then strings.
  4. Pots nested and loaded on pallets carefully.
  5. Pots loaded on pallets, covered by plastic film and fastered again by strings. Shipping marks applied and ready for being loaded into container
  6. Pallets hauled and load into container by folklift
  7. Pallets fastened again after fully loaded container by string to prevent falling upon door open. Ready to go!

The wooden pallets will be clean and fumigated to make sure all is correctly upon arrival at destination. The packing of the products will be done according to the required packing need and to optimize the loading.

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