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Hieta garden large pot are frost proof and are designed with an modern finish that adds unmatched aesthetic value to gardens, offices or homes. They are suitable for any outdoor applications and are not affected by the fluctuating temperature or moisture.

Hieta garden large pot – they still look attractive, allowing companies to customize the giant outdoor pots for their clients’ needs.

Large pot are work well with both traditional and contemporary spaces. The cement pots complements any type of landscaping or decoration idea. This is irrespective of whether the Hieta garden pots are used alone or with other pot designs.

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Personal networks are very important in Vietnam. If you want to initiate a relationship, it is best to have a local partner to help you. As a trusted large planter pot manufacturer in Vietnam, Hietagarden are committed on producing frost-proof and resistant to fluctuating temperature. The huge ranges of styles are suitable for any outdoor setting such as: atlantis pot, washed pot, fiberstone pot, lightweight pot…. They are high fired for durability and longevity.

Our customer is gardener, designer, landscaper, pool company, hotel, retailer…around the world. With nearly 10 years in this business, we believe that we can help all our customer can receive best quality large garden pots from Vietnam.

Save between 50% off market wholesale prices.

You only pay for the pots with factory prices, without paying for sales reps, middle men, marketing expenses, trade show costs, advertising, warehousing, and big overhead.Our outstanding services help customers grow.

Free pre-pricing tags on every individual pots at our factories. Lessened workload for customers.

Special packing for multiple location deliveries.

All breakages more than 3% will be credited.

Custom styles and sizes are available upon request.

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