vietnam indoor pots manufacturer

Designed and crafted under the skillful craftsmen, Hieta garden indoor pots bring to your space a beautiful accent, impressive and extremely luxurious. Our pot is integrates both classical and contemporary interior space.

As a trusted Vietnam indoor pots and planter manufacturer in Vietnam, Hieta garden are committed on producing frost-proof and resistant to fluctuating temperature. All items will have a quality control check after production by own QC, and we will advise details of any items that need to be re-produced.  Customer can be required own QC certificate for each line and photos of each line – showing – item, item in packaging, bar code on item, inner marking and carton markings

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Hieta garden have own factory for Veitnam indoor cement pot in Bien Hoa city, Vietnam with 2000 meters square and 25 workers can supplies 5-8 container of cement pot per month. We provide almost shape of planter to help customer can choose base on their own needs. Hietagarden offer a variety of cement pot for importer, retailer, garden…such as egg planter, cylinder pot, washed pot, tall pot, square pot

Customer can choose own design or follow factory design:

We usually work with factory design, because you can save a lot of budget for mold. As you know, we supplied ironstone planter more than 10 years and in factory we have almost design customer looking for. That why? We don’t think you need to have the new design pot to start your business.

In another case, if you want to make new design indoor pots, just go ahead! Send us your design drawing, our team will make a bill of sample. You can pay this cost to make the sample and it’s will take around 2-3 weeks for sample is ready. Noted that, we will payback this payment if customer place an order with this design.

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Save between 50% off market wholesale prices.

You only pay for the pots with factory prices, without paying for sales reps, middle men, marketing expenses, trade show costs, advertising, warehousing, and big overhead.Our outstanding services help customers grow.

Free pre-pricing tags on every individual pots at our factories. Lessened workload for customers.

Special packing for multiple location deliveries.

All breakages more than 3% will be credited.

Custom styles and sizes are available upon request.