There are many reasons to add Vietnam GRC pots to your business. They can make various for your store which can be good for customers and clients or employees. GRC pots bring to customer a lightweight pot with perfect finished, luxury and sophisticate.

At Hieta garden we have been providing GRC pots plant to our clients for years. We can create custom pots displays for tabletops, desks, filing cabinets and other spaces both indoor and outdoor.

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A variety of GRC pots

We have a variety of GRC pots finished such as glossy painted, matt painted, natural finished, lightweight poly terrazzo. We’ll work with you to find the right kind pots of complement and enhance your business.Our GRC pot supplier services include label, catalogue, box.. to help you save more marketing cost.

Check out our catalog of Vietnam pottery GRC planter, lightweight pot and fiberglass pot and if you want to discuss what we can do for your business, set up an appointment today by calling (084) 938 415 815 or use our online form.

Cylinder pot

Cylinder pot are exclusively designed to meet the landscaping and decoration trends. With new designs unveiled every month…

Square pot

Hieta garden square pots are suitable for all decorate space. One of best sell for all pot business.

Natural finished

Save more than 40% cost for lightweight pot. No paint, no fade, new trendy.

Matt painted

Luxury, perfect finished. An arrangement of beautiful pots design for your business

Poly terrazzo

Lightweight thing with smooth and dots on the surface. The new option for your business

Large pot

A good options for outdoor. Easy to pick up, long life, more colors.

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