Hieta garden have more than 10 years experince as a supplier, manufacturer garden pots planters with more than 100 customers around the world.  We have amost outdoor garden planters design and plant pots for use in your garden, yard, or patio. Large sizes and ornate pots bring eye-catching appeal to the landscape.

When you are a garden planters wholesaler, the decision who will be you supplier will be very important. It’s hard for you to work together for long time when the parter is too bad. All your budget is use to the supplies, so that you expect they are good garden pots plant soucers.


You need garden planters manufacturer?

Hieta garden give you everything you want as a pots supplier: directy prices, high quality, experince…

Why should you choose our garden pots planters?

Hieta garden think About Our Customers

We want you to be our friend, our partner have to happy with what you buy from us as we are:
– We stock a highly diverse range of outdoor planters that offer endless solutions to our customer. You’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking by getting in touch with us
– We ensure that our outdoor pots has been manufactured using the highest quality materials so that our customer can feel secure in knowing that you’re purchasing a product that is reliable and durable.. When our pots go out the door, we’ve made sure that all the pots are checked, and there are no lumps, bumps, or crack lines.
– Our knowledge and experience allows us to be one of the most reliable distributors around. We offer same day dispatch, which means you do not have to wait around for long delivery times. We want to make sure that it reaches your warehouse in the same condition as when it left our warehouse.
– We offer a broad garden planter with items available in a wide selection of materials.
– Our materials are sourced from all over Vietnam, allowing us to provide you with garden pots of the highest quality.
– We have our own factories in Bien Hoa city, Vietnam. Owning the factories is essential as it means we can guarantee both the quality of production and consistent supply.
-We control our own manufacturing at every level – from material selection to quality control right through to the final packaging and testing of the finished furniture. Our flexibility in manufacturing enables custom products to be quickly developed and manufactured to suit a specific function, style or project.
– Low minimum order quantities enable us to supply smaller scale installations and projects.