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How they make Vietnam fiberstone pots

Vietnam fiberstone pots is made by different way than clay pot, material to make a pot include polyresin, fiberglass, stone after the mixed dry we will have strong, lightweight fiberstone pots. They made the shape on poly polystone mold or silicon mold, finished the surface buy paint or some unique way.

Why customer love Vietnam fiberstone pot

Customer really like a light weight pot, with a light pot it’s easy to delivery, to set up in different place. Customer can put the big pot by hand that why polystone pot was increase day by day.

Polystone pot don’t have any transporter issue. You will never see a crack pot when you ship a container of polystone garden pot from factory in Vietnam to you warehouse.

High class design, polystone pot can use in professional place, make a unique look.

Why you can choose Hietagarden for Vietnam polystone pots source?

Experience: we have 10 years work with Vietnam pottery manufacturer, we have deal with almost issue of this kind of material.

Fast support: We have office belong to factory, we can support customer 24/7.

Free design: Customer don’t have to send us the design, with variety design of product, we can make all you meet for your business.

Simple to purchase: we have very simple process, customer easy to access the order.


Through our hard-won experience analyzing thousands of pots we make, the Hieta garden team know exactly what range of pot customer want.

When customer come with us, Hieta garden don’t want to push an order too early if customer is a newbie in this business. We want to help customer can have a clearly side of this kind of product, how we make polystone pot, some issue can come when you order.

Belong to sharing knowledge of product, we need to know about customer demand. We want to know which kind of product you are looking for, where will our pot put on after you receive it? After that we will discuss with customer to decide what we can make for the order.

Order process

After decided which product, quantity you want to order, you can send us a quotation here. We will reply very soon with A Pro-forma invoice will be sent to your review and confirmation.

Order confirmation

When you received our factory reply, please confirm your order by signed Pro-forma invoice and send us in return.
Order will be carried on when we received deposit for order

Delievery time

Production time will normally take 70-75 days for an order. In high season or rainy season, it will take longer time, 90 – 95 days. Shipping date will be confirmed to each specific order, we usually ship the container after finished produce 2 weeks.


We set MOQ at 20ft container for minimum shipment with 5-6 design. If customer look for more design, we can have new offer price depend on quantity.

Method of payment:

Payment term: when you work with us in terrazzo planter pots we do accept following payment methods unless being discussed and agreed between both sides in advance:

– Letter of Credit (L/C) at sight: L/C opening charge will be at applicant side (Buyer).

– Telex Transfer (T/T): 30% advance deposit and the remaining upon receiving copy of shipping documents by email or fax. Bank transfer charge will be at sender side (Buyer).

Shipping documents to be provided:

Original Bill of Lading in triplicate
Invoice in triplicate
Packing List in triplicate
Certificate of Fumigation ( ISPM 15)
Certificate of Origin ( If required)

Quality check: all Vietnam polystone garden pot will have a quality control check after production by own QC, and we will advise details of any items that need to be re-produced.  Customer can be required own QC certificate for each line and photos of each line – showing – item of pot, item in packaging, bar code on item, inner marking and carton markings.  This must be submitted to us 10 days prior to shipment.  Customer must supply written confirmation that the goods can then ship.

Getting Started

Contact us today to learn more about our polystone planter pot. Whether you need a fresh set of eyes to look over and make recommendations on your current business, kind of product, new material, we can help.