Customer design or factory design:

As you know, Hieta garden Vietnam provide a lot of shape, dimension to help customer have variety choice for their business. Concrete pots can make on round shape, square shape, we have more than 100 designs of cement pot, so that, customer usually follow to our design.

But in some case, customer send us drawing design and we make it for them, it will take some material bill but it’s not a big problem if you want to grow new design pot.

Round pot

Round pots are simple designs with stunning shapes that add elegance to both indoor and outdoor decoration…

Egg pot

Hieta garden egg pots are frost proof and are designed with an antique finish that adds unmatched aesthetic value to gardens, offices or homes…

Bowl pot

Bowl pots feature a one-of-a-kind design with modern accents envied by many. With unique finishing texture and new look designs…

Square pot

Their frost resistant features make Hieta garden square pots and planters a perfect choice for all landscaping work.

Atlantis pot

Hieta garden craft premier atlantis planter that add a sense of beauty, showcase culture, ancient time and value

Natural pot

All Hieta garden crucible pots will remain eye-catching even with plants. This only takes skillful handcraft, handmade textured finish


Hieta garden, as a supplier Vietnam pottery helps business achieve their dreaming goals by choosing different pot colors and designs. It doesn’t matter whether a business needs cream, brown, chalky white planter pots for both contemporary and retro spaces.

A young team ready to help you all the time, we think we are a good company can help you on this business. We can show you how we work with our customer and what they will receive from us.

To help you manage the entire process – from creating a specification, to sampling and quality control. Pls contact us by email or follow hotline +84 938415815 (Mr Hieu)

Save between 50% off market wholesale prices.

You only pay for the pots with factory prices, without paying for sales reps, middle men, marketing expenses, trade show costs, advertising, warehousing, and big overhead.Our outstanding services help customers grow.

Free pre-pricing tags on every individual pots at our factories. Lessened workload for customers.

Special packing for multiple location deliveries.

All breakages more than 3% will be credited.

Custom styles and sizes are available upon request.

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