When you need a cube pots manufacturer in Vietnam, why don’t choose Hieta garden?

A high quality and diverse cube pots planter is a fundamental element of great business. When have a various collection to your store they will view your business more positively, which increases your visibility to potential customers. And cube pot design is one of designs customer always look for to have a good store.

Some customers initially discover your business via a link from another customer, so if you have a good collection for all products will help you reach to more customer

As a cement cube pottery manufacturer, we must have different designs for customer have choices.

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High quality cube pots supplier

There are many factors that today’s customer take into consideration when rating your company. Its not a simple case of more volume equaling more value. But in our target, Hieta garden always wanted to provide to customer, which 1st quality products with the acceptable prices. Hieta garden believed that customer want to receive the good products not the cheap products.

We have a factory team who work in this business more than 20 years. They know how to supply a good cube pot, how to have save packing process and make customer comfortable with our service.

We want customer only have to pay the minimum cost for the highest quality products. We know how to choose the right material, the process to save more cost for customer.

Cost and MOQ

The cost for a cement cube pots container will be around $10,000 for 40 feet container. It’s acceptable cost for almost customer.

We set our MOQ at a 20 feet container for customer to can have a draft order.

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