Fiber cement pots is a kind of planter which highly appreciated from importer. Cement planter pot look great, modern, and they are easy to use in decoration, landscaping, office space, restaurant, hotel…

Hietagarden is a Vietnam fiber cement pots suppier, we offer a variety of products for importer, retailer, garden…We provide different kind of shape, dimension to customer around the world, help them optimize the business with our flower pots. Our experience and technical knowledge help us export our product to global market. Grow up your business and drive them revenues with our best cement planter pots.

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More about our Vietnam fiber cement pots factory

Hietagarden has own factory in Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province, it takes about 1 hour to go to our factory from Ho Chi Minh city. We have 20 workers in our factory and they can provide around 5 containers per months. We are young company on this business, but we have a good team can follow customer for the duration of the business process. So, we know what the great feeling it is when customer receive our pots with high quality in your warehouse and ready for a good business step.

What is a fiber cement pot supplier can do for you?

We work in this business for 10 years and we know that customer always look for high quality product with a fair price when you import planter from Vietnam. Customer quickly purchasing planter when we provide the price list, because they know that with this price they can get a lot of profit. But at a pottery supplier, we want to work with customer step by step. We want customer has a good knowledge of product, how we make it, how we packed it, with shape you can choose for import. We want you have a good result at the first time, we try to build strongly grow for our business.

MOQ require for a cement plant pot order

We always look for a big order from customer, but we know it really hard to start like that. We accept MOQ at 20’ container with 5-6 designs of cement pot. When you order small designs MOQ will at 80 – 100 sets which quantity is good for starting.

Payment and delivery:

Payment term: when you work with us in large cement pots we do accept following payment methods unless being discussed and agreed between both sides in advance:

– Letter of Credit (L/C) at sight: L/C opening charge will be at applicant side (Buyer).

– Telex Transfer (T/T): 30% advance deposit and the remaining upon receiving copy of shipping documents by email or fax. Bank transfer charge will be at sender side (Buyer).

Delivery:  usually within 55 – 70 days upon receipt of 30% deposit or L/C information from our bank, please inform us your order or delivery plan as early as possible for more accurate shipping window. In some case, customer can receive products earlier if our factory in low season. That why you can send us the long-term purchase plan, we can have a good schedule to send the products as soon as possible.

To assist you we have prepared a cheat sheet of questions and answers to ask here

How much for a container of Vietnam cement planter?

Typically, a container of cement planter will take around $10,000 – $15,000, a small budget for the first time. With my own customer, when they receive a good profit margin from the first time, they can work with 3 -4 containers for an order. So that, we hope to help customer start with a solid foundation to have a long-term business with us.

How to find a good cement planter exporter

As a Vietnam pottery manufacturer with own factory, a young team ready to help you all the time, we think we are a good company can help you on this business. We can show you how we work with our customer and what they will receive from us.

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Customer design or factory design:

As you know, we provide a lot of shape, dimension to help customer have variety choice for their business. Cement pot can make on round shape, square shape, we have more than 100 designs of cement pot such as: terrazzo pot, handpainting pot, natural concrete so that, customer usually follow to our design.

But in some case, customer send us drawing design and we make it for them, it will take some material bill but it’s not a big problem if you want to grow new design pot.