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Hietagarden sandy pot

concrete planter

Hietagarden sandy pot pots are frost proof and are designed with an antique finish that adds unmatched aesthetic value to gardens, offices or homes. They are suitable for any outdoor applications and are not affected by the fluctuating temperature or moisture. Constructed from a lightweight concrete the range features earthy textures and tones in styles […]

Hietagarden handpainting cement pot


Hietagarden handpainting concrete pots are simple designs with stunning shapes that add timeless elegance to both indoor and outdoor decoration. Their concrete painting pot and planters a perfect choice for all landscaping work. As an experience concrete planter pot vendor, Hieta garden makes more than just a vessel to hold the plants and flowers. They […]

Hietagarden mini concrete pot

Hietagarden mini concrete pot collection is a long standing classic in the home decoration chapter. What started with small pot grew to a grown up assortment of unique decoration pieces, handmade and carved to the smallest details. The cement hurricanes are not translucent, but the perforations within the carving allow a unique shadow effect. Suitable for […]