Buying Pots Samples: A Complete Guide

The most important things when we intend to importing a pots plant not only from Vietnam but also from all over the world is seeing and feeling the product sample firstly. But how we can import it is always a question for all of us. So in this post, let go to solve above question with us.


First of all, we need to aware some key reasons that you need to import pottery pots sample before import the huge number of products. Please help to see as below

  • We must see and check carefully the pots sample if it can meet all our requirement for a standard product. If not, we can discuss more with our supplier. We only import once we see the sample is matches and acceptable.
  • The next one is to get the first preparation for starting production such as our own devices and technology.
    samples pot
    samples pot


The next part, let see how many types of production sample that we have.

  • Factory sample. Factory sample is a sample ready in supplier’s warehouse or showroom without any customer’s design or order. It means supplier always have a lot product for this sample so we can import it with the shorter preparation time. But normally, the factory sample is also quite basic so it just for testing about the material and perfection.
  • Sample from pre-ordering. It means this is the sample with other customer’s design or requirement.
  • Product sample. This is the sample having from supplier’s testing process.
  • There are some other types of product sample but in our industry, we can focus only three types in above.

When we have your plant pots in hand, for sure you must check how much the sample can meet your demand such as color, design, quality, perfection… But in some case, as only the sample so supplier will have the limitation for making it.  Especially with the material we only have once we order with the large number. Besides that, with the sample product based on our design, please get your supplier keep it in secret before starting production.


Finally, the important thing that we need to know is cost of pots you need sample and how we can pay for it.

The cost is different from each types of product sample. Normally, supplier just ask you pay for the shipping fee and get free for sample. But it will change based on our discussion with the supplier or how complexity of the sample it we require supplier do the sample along our request.

The method for transaction is also chosen between us and our supplier such as transferring via bank, via paypal,…